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The REAL Reason Why People Reject INFJs

infj self-help Apr 13, 2024

As INFJs we are often multi-talented individuals, and sadly I think this can be one of the main reasons we are often rejected by other people. I’m not trying to be arrogant here, but most INFJs have a multitude of skills. They also have knowledge about a variety of topics.

Sadly, this is intimidating to many people because they can’t help but wonder how you know all of this stuff. Then, the comparison game begins. They start to compare your knowledge to theirs and they get upset if they deem your knowledge as superior.

The most recent video on The INFJ Circle YouTube Channel addresses this in detail: 



So what is the INFJ to do? Well, as one commenter on The INFJ Circle recently pointed out – we might consider looking at it as a real time saver!

As INFJs we don’t have a ton of energy, and that means we should be very judicious with that energy. People who are angry and resentful of someone (us) who simply “knows” something about a topic is not someone that an INFJ needs in their lives.

I think it’s about time that us INFJs start being more selective about those we want to interact with. One strategy I use is to put out “feeler” comments to see if someone has a “learning mind” or a “closed mind”.

If they have a closed mind I will reveal very little of the information that I know. If they do happen to have a learning mindset (which is very rare) I will open up (slowly) and add to the conversation.

Just something to consider making a habit when interacting with people. For more on establishing solid habits, check this out.

Comment below if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer!



INFJ, you deserve acceptance.

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