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INFJ Burnout: When INFJs Should Avoid People

infj self-help Apr 13, 2024

Today’s blog is a pretty simple one, but sometimes the simplest things can help us the most. 

The truth is there are times in our INFJ lives where we are particularly unbalanced and we feel super burnt out. We are overwhelmed and we have absorbed a few too many of the negative emotions of others.

Maybe we have been mistreated just one too many times.

Maybe we have thought and thought (overthinking) until we are mentally exhausted. We have tried to save the world and the world just doesn’t want saved.

It is at those moments that the INFJ needs to take a step back and recharge. We all know this – or at least we should know it.

But today I want to take things a step further.

There are times in an INFJs life where they should not only seek to recharge, but they should seek to actively avoid people.

Now this doesn’t sound innovative, and it might even sound counterintuitive, but let me expand a bit…

Sometimes it seems (to us INFJs) that the best way for us to solve a problem or an issue with someone is to talk to them about it. To go to them and work it out.

But I would like to push back on this. Sometimes the best thing to do in problematic reltaionships is to avoid people altogether.

So when should us INFJs avoid people? 

I think that any time an INFJ is feeling unbalanced or overwhelmed they should retreat and get away from the people in their lives.

This is not only for the good of the INFJ, it is for the good of those around them as well.

Us INFJs can get pretty emotional and pretty intense when we are feeling overwhelmed and unbalanced. We can say and do things that are destructive because we have such great power and intuition. 

Like a misguided superhero, we can really put the smackdown on people if our powers get misdirected.

Therefore, when I feel unbalanced and stressed I have found that retreating into seclusion is sometimes the best option. 

This doesn’t just mean running into your room and going into hermit mode, but getting out in nature, going to the gym, or doing some other activity that you enjoy. Something that will help you get your mind and thoughts together.

The biggest thing to avoid is deep conversations that people are unlikely to understand. We have a hard enough time communicating to the masses when we are sharp and rested – let alone when we are frazzled and overwhelmed. 

Again, a simple message but one that could save you heartache, pain, and rejection. I hope this little tip helps you as much as it’s helped me.

Thanks so much for reading and I’ll talk to you again soon!

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