Hello, I'm Jay Scott.


I help INFJs feel understood and find their true purpose in life. I'm a YouTuber, MBTI enthusiast, and a coach for people with the INFJ personality type. My YouTube Channel (The INFJ Circle) has over 27,000 subscribers and has helped countless INFJs realize their worth and potential.

My Story


Growing up I always knew that I was different. I knew that I didn't think exactly like those around me and that I was often misunderstood.

Then, in 2017, I found out that I was an INFJ. Immediately I began to dive into self-help, philosophy, behavioral science, and ancient wisdom to find the best methods to maximize my INFJ life.

This was literally a life-changing experience for me. Now it is my life's mission to teach others these unique methods through my INFJ YouTube Channel, coaching, and community!


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